References and Handouts for the Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets

The Course Syllabus Is Here

The 11 Live Q & A Sessions and descriptions of each class will be added as we go.  In the meantime, below is a list of handouts and course materials that will make sense as we cover the course material.

Study Guide

Study Guide for Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets or Synodic Cycles Class

Synodic Cycles

Synodic Cycles and Their Importance

A Shamanic Investigation of Venus and Mars

Heliacal Rise

Heliacal Rise of Stars and Planets


Mercury Synodic Cycles (corrected) to 2063 PDF

Mercury Cycles 2021-2022

Mercury Cycles 2017-20

Mercury Cycles 2016-17

Mercury Cycles 2010 Capricorn-Taurus-Virgo

Mercury Cycles 2011 Aries-Leo

Mercury Cycles 2012 Sag Pisces Leo

Basics of a Mercury Synodic Cycle

Mercury Synodic Cycle Phases Diagram

Counting Your Mercury Signs

Determining Mercury Maximum Elongation

Mercury Return Cycle Summary


Venus Synodic Cycle Dates Table to 2063

How to Determine Your Venus Overtone

How to Locate Your Venus Star Phase on a Chart

2020-2022 Venus Cycle Gemini Overtone

2020-2022 Venus Cycle Gemini Overtone – Short Version

2018 – 2020 Venus Cycle Libra Overtone no symbols

2017-2018 Aries Venus Cycle One Page (Great For Clients)

2017 – 2018 Venus Cycle Aries Overtone

2015 – 2017 Venus Cycle Leo

Venus Cycle 2015-2017 Leo Overtone 

Venus Cycle 2014 – 2015 Capricorn Overtone


Mars Acronychal Rises (Mars-Sun Oppositions) 1890-2072

Mars Synodic Cycle Simplified

Mars Acronychal Rises 1890-2072

How to Determine Your Mars Overtone

How to Find the Mars Phase (No Graphics)

How to Find Your Mars Phase-With Graphics

Mars Cycle Potential Connection with Heroes Journey Myth

2020-2022 Mars Cycle

2018-2020 Mars Cycle

2016-2018 Mars Cycle


Moon and Signs and Seasons PDF

Locating the Sun Moon Angle

The Lunar Nodes – Timeline

Hawaiian Moon Phases – by L Van Horn published in the ISAR Journal

Mars-Venus Sagas

Archetypal Rebirth of Venus and Mars tables

Saga Stories Rapunzel and Dumuzi

Venus Mars Sagas updated 2015

1951 to 2015 Venus and Mars Rapunzel Dumuzi Saga data

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