Sacred Marriage Online Course Schedule of Classes

Sacred Marriage Online Course 

This is the outline for the already recorded Q & A Sessions with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell.
Erik Roth is the course administrator.

Each of the 10 Q & A Sessions run 90 minutes.

For questions or issues contact our online course contact Awen Labow at

Classes 1 – 3 Available HERE

Classes 4-6 Available HERE

Classes 7-10 Available Here

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Class Content and Q & A focus

Class 1

Overview of how Shamanic Astrology approaches relationship. The 12 Mystery Schools approach to relationship globally and historically up to the present, and envisioning for the future – essence vs. content.  We visit each of the 12 signs briefly. History and Myth of Relationship are also discussed.

Class 2

The Journey of the Soul and the path of Relationship.
Daniel and Cayelin discuss the Moon (Lineage) and how it affects your Venus or Mars (or Gender Planet). The journey continues from Mars/Venus to the Ascendant/Descendant axis, regardless of gender.

Class 3

Mars and Venus archetypes and how they relate to the masculine and feminine. Daniel and Cayelin share about the projection of Mars and Venus onto others, especially a significant other. This includes exploring the shadow side of these signs.

Class 4

Relationship Intent – The 6 Relationship Paths.
Daniel and Cayelin cover the six polarities of Relationship Intent using the Ascendant/Descendant Axis

Aries – Libra (to be “all in”)
Taurus – Scorpio (Life Force/Tantra Path)
Sagittarius – Gemini (Trailmates)
Cancer – Capricorn (Building for Future)
Pisces – Virgo (To Be of Service)
Aquarius – Leo (Just Because . . .)

There is also content on “What is Masculine and Feminine”

Class 5

Relationship Transits, Life Phases, and Outer Planet Complexes for the OSP (Opposite Sex Planet formerly known as the Opposite Gender Planet or OGP) and the Descendant, via Pluto and Saturn. Saturn challenges us to grow and evolve through limitations and boundaries. Pluto challenges us to die to who we believe we are so we can be reborn to who we truly are in part by Facing Fears and Feeling Feelings. This class focuses on how Pluto and Saturn affect Venus, Mars and the As/Ds either by natal aspect or transit. What are the best ways to navigate Pluto and Saturn challenges?

Class 6

Transits, Life Phases and Outer Planet Complexes for the OSP (Opposite Sex Planet of a Woman’s Mars and a Man’s Venus). What are the Outer Planet Complexes and what do the Transits to Venus, Mars and the Ascendant/Descendant signify?

Outer Planet Aspects and Transits to these parts of the natal chart (especially as it relates to the Sacred Marriage within) and how do Venus and Mars returns add to our understanding? These factors are indicators for those who are most required to do the Inner Sacred Marriage work and optimum times for doing it.

Class 7 

Journey Towards Wholeness: Part One
The Inner Sacred Marriage Process through the Union of our Same Sex Planet and the Opposite Sex Planet.

A Woman’s Venus is her emerging feminine identity and her Mars is her intended to connection to the inner beloved. A Man’s Mars is his emerging masculine identity and his Venus is his intended connection to the inner beloved. With these insights we answer the question: What does it take for Venus and Mars to BE in conscious relationship with each other?

Class 8 

Journey Towards Wholeness: Part Two
The Inner Sacred Marriage includes  Venus and Mars OSP (Opposite Sex Planet) plus DSC (Descendant)
Here we explore how the Opposite Sex Planet connects with the Descendant to complete the full picture of the Inner Sacred Marriage Intent.

Class 9 

Relationship Synastry Or Chart Comparison and Karmic Links Comparing the charts of those in relationship gives invaluable information about the challenges and the connections. There are ways to see what the past and future karmic links are for deeper insights into the relationship.

Class 10 

Relationship Counseling
 This is not about who should or shouldn’t be together, rather this looks at the elements of personal relationship intent between two people and how best to navigate strengths and challenges.

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