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We have 4 full online courses plus an Astro-Basics Mini-Course

Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets

This brand new online course (video-based) will begin in March of 2018 – Date of First Class is Pending

Course Administration and some co-facilitation
with Erik Roth

By attending this online course intensive, you will uncover the mysteries surrounding these planets from both an astronomical and astrological perspective covering these questions and more:

What are the Synodic Cycles and why do we care?

What does it mean when Venus, Mars or Mercury is Retrograde?

What is symbolism around a Venus-Moon conjunction?

How does a planet’s passage behind or in front of the Sun relate to the “Underworld”?

How does the patterns that Mars, Venus and Mercury weave in the sky relate to shifts within us?

Sacred Marriage and Relationship Online Course

with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

Course Administration and some co-facilitation
with Erik Roth

Are you your own best Partner? Have you noticed Venus and Mars together in the evening sky representing the Sacred Marriage between the Masculine and Feminine?  Do you know what you or your partner may project onto each other?  Do you know your soul’s relationship intent?  Do you know how to engage Sacred Marriage within? Do you know each person has their own unique intent for the Sacred Marriage? Are you interested in gaining the tools for creating the best relationships of your life?  If so check out this brand new online class providing answers to all of these questions.

Script & Archetypes

This is the most fundamental course the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School offers and includes the “Shamanic Astrology Foundational Basics”  (see details below). You will learn how to read a natal chart using the three part “Script” to understand the soul’s purpose for this life, as well as taking a deep dive into the 12 archetypes of the signs as they are applied to the Script. By the end of this course you will know how to do a natal chart reading for yourself and others.

Shamanic Timeline

This is next and newest addition to our online courses.  You will learn all about planetary/astrological cycles or initiations, the 3 worlds (celestial, middle and underworld), the depth of planetary complexes through myth and “flashpoints” in person’s life where major processes or initiations are taking place. By the end of the this course you will know how to determine the most important cycles of initiation for yourself and others. You will also learn how the outer planets act as guides and teachers on the natal chart and during important personal and generational cycles.

Shamanic Astrology Foundational Basics

This 7 part course teaches the archetypal meaning of the 4 elements and the 3 modalities as way to gain deeper understanding of the signs. It also teaches about the houses and why we use the Whole Sign House System as well as about aspects between planets, aspect patterns, and a way to learn the symbols and why they are what they are.  These are all necessary components for reading a natal chart.

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