Cosmology and Night Sky Online Course

Cosmology and Night Sky Online Course

with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

Ancient Cultures Lived in Close Ceremonial Relationship with the Sky because they knew experientially that we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us.

It was a living relationship lost, in part due to the powerful elite who found a way to keep these mysteries from the people, in essence taking away their ability to live magically and co-creatively with great mystery.

The Night Sky Cosmology Course is a great way to regain these mysteries and what it means to have a living relationship with the sky and these mysteries once again as described in the raves about this course.

Of all the classes we have online, I most appreciate this one because my ‘live class’ notes were never complete and frequently didn’t really make sense once I was home.  Now I feel so much more confident about this material.  Thank you!  Vi 


I was so deeply affected by the recent Cosmology course. Now, every clear night I wander out, look up and connect with the great cosmos. I actually know what I’m looking at now! Being an astrologer, it is of key importance to connect with the stars physically. As Above, So Below. The live course is life changing and the online course is AMAZING! ~Dana Zia

Understanding the “bones” or “structure” of the sky is vital to understanding our place in the cosmos, personally and collectively. This largely forgotten understanding (until now) enriches our lives by illuminating our place within the greater context of our galaxy.

It all started to make sense once I took the Cosmology class! Learning about the Night Sky from Daniel and Cayelin started fitting all the puzzle pieces together. I’m new to Shamanic Astrology, and this class shifted my understanding in a profound way. It’s a must for anyone interested! ~Sheridan Semple

2015 Night Sky Event near Tucson Arizona

This course is for you if you:

  • Have ever felt drawn to understanding the significance and magic of the Night Sky
  • Have ever wondered about the constellations and bright stars visible to the naked eye
  • Seek a greater understanding of how the constellations are different from the astrology signs
  • Have ever wondered why certain constellations are more visible at different times of year or in different locations
  • Are interested in tracking the planets through the sky
  • Are ready to move beyond the 2-dimensional graphic of the astrology chart to an understanding of where the Sun, Moon and planets were or are located in the sky for any chart.
  • Desire to have a greater understanding of where we are within the Great Wheel of Time or great cosmic clock

The night sky class was life changing for me. It added an additional layer of how I can connect with the natural world in order to feel in the magical flow that feeds my soul. I am thrilled for this reconnection and want more… daily, in my future! Morgan Marckwald

This Course Covers:

  • The Turning of the Ages: How the 26,000 year precessional cycle works
  • Understanding Astrological Ages
  • History and Evolution of the Zodiac
  • Pole Stars: Old and New
  • Celestial Mechanics
  • Precession of the Equinox
  • The Difference between Signs and Constellations
  • Sidereal versus Tropical or Constellations versus Seasons
  • Navigating the Night Sky
  • Discovering your personal stars and placing your chart on the sky
  • Understanding how the Sun, Moon and planets transit through the sky
  • In the grander scheme of Earth and global humanity, what time is it?

What an awesome time (in the truest sense of the word) I had at the 2019 SAMS Cosmology event! Meeting Daniel, Cayelin, Erik, and fellow students/SAMS members in person; really “getting” some teachings, so much clearer via direct transmission; an altogether inspiring event that was entirely worth it! ~Emunah Herzog

A Shamanic Approach to the Night Sky
by Daniel Giamairo

A mytho-shamanistic approach to astrology involves the direct observation of the night sky, connecting with natural phenomena using the human senses. It is not based on an abstract, complicated computer-generated solution to a problem. In the night sky, there is one very clear and even dramatic phenomenon that cuts the circle of the zodiac – the Milky Way!

The plane of our galaxy cuts the zodiac/ecliptic belt at about a sixty-six degree angle in the region of the zodiacal constellations of the Archer and Scorpion (a.k.a Sagittarius and Scorpius). The Milky Way intersects the zodiac near the center of the galaxy in an extremely rich and thick field of stars.

Daniel Giamario and Cayelin K Castell have put together a fascinating and informative course that helps give the visceral experience of magical connection between the land, our bodies and the sky. ~Vivian Hurley

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Is it the Turning of A Great Year or a Seasonal Shift?
from Daniel Giamario

At the very least, we know humanity is at a seasonal shift. If now isn’t the end and beginning of the Platonic year, then at the very least it is the “mirror image” of what happened 12,500-13,000 years ago, when the December solstice was at the galactic edge. This marked the time when the vernal (spring) equinox was entering the constellation of the Lion (represented by the Sphinx of Giza, facing due east as silent witness to those historical events). Today, the sphinx is witness to the spring equinox Sun rising into the constellation of the Waterbearer, or Aquarius.

In my travels to Peru, Bolivia, and Scotland, I have had impressive direct experiences of numerous ancient monuments built to capture the precise rising and/or setting of the December Solstice Sun. It is as if these monuments were built with this time in mind. For only now, (and the mirror image time 12,500-13,000 years ago) can the rising and setting Sun be experienced at the solstice, Milky Way, and zodiacal intersection.

I propose that all shamanically and experientially oriented individuals prepare for participating in conscious ceremony and festivals, especially during the winter solstices from 1962 to 2034 celebrating the end and beginning of a galactic year. The rising Sun at winter solstice is a marvelous opportunity to receive a transmission of galactic intelligence directly from galactic center, for dreaming and co-creating the next great age.

Why 1998 was so Significant
According to the calculations of Astronomer Jean Meuss, famous for calculating stellar occultations, the winter solstice coordinate exactly reached the intersection of the plane of the Milky Way with the zodiacal plane in May of 1998. This is the only time in the 26,000 year precessional cycle that the December Solstice (Winter Solstice in North America) is aligned with galactic center.

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