Synodic Cycles: Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets Online Course

Synodic Cycles: Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets Online Course
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with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

aka Synodic Cycles of Venus, Mars, Mercury and Lunar Nodes

This online course covers the mysteries surrounding these planets from both an astronomical and astrological perspective diving into these questions and more:

What are the Synodic Cycles and why do we care?

What does it mean when Venus, Mars or Mercury is Retrograde?

What is the symbolism around a Venus-Moon conjunction?

Why is a planet’s passage near the Sun related to the “Underworld” and why is this important?

How do the patterns that Mars, Venus and Mercury activate our own initiatory process?

Why are the Lunar Node cycles important and how do these cycles impact our lives?

Discover the significance of the Return Cycles related to these planets and why it helps us to know what time it is for us?

I am very thankful for this class – it really plugged in some holes and it has helped me to synthesize the information into readings – clients seem to concur and resonate and I am grateful.

These mysteries are not covered in any other online course from the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. This course is necessary for those seeking certification in Shamanic Astrology and provides powerful tools for a deeper understanding of where we are born into these cycles as well as the impact of the return cycles.

If you are counselor, therapist, massage therapist, astrologer or any other “helpful” profession, you will gain access to insights and understanding NOT available in any other experientially based school of astrology helping you – help your clients – when they are navigating personal Mercury, Venus, Mars or Nodal return cycles.

I loved the live course and use this information to assist my clients with a deeper understanding of how to navigate their personal Timings. The feedback I have gotten is how helpful and useful this information is. Thank you so much! ~Carol

Overview of the Course

You will learn the following astrological, astronomical and mythological knowledge:

  • Reclaiming the ancient knowledge of Synodic Cycles, what they are and why they are importantmoon-venus
  • Focusing on Venus, Mars, and Mercury as cycles of initiation and cultural importance
  • Understanding where Venus, Mars, and Mercury were in their cycle on any natal chart and what that means
  • Understanding the patterns of these planets and how to consciously work with them
  • A Basic Knowledge of the Night Sky as it pertains to the inner planets along with the influence of the constellations
  • Understanding the Phase of the Moon you were born with and how to work with all the Phases of the Moon
  • How to determine specific dates for personal ceremony during these cycles vital to the totality of the human being

We invite you to watch the 1st Video of the Course to find out more about the course

It helps to have previous experience in Shamanic Astrology when taking this course especially the Courses on the Journey of the Soul Life Map (a.k.a. Script and Archetypes) and/or the Shamanic Timeline.

I loved this course so much when I took it in person a few years ago, I signed up for it again online and have been so excited to learn even more. Thank you so much for the brilliance of this course. ~Diane

Additional Features Include:

  • The Basic Patterns of Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Moon in the sky as perceived from Earth
  • A deep, intimate connection between the patterns of these inner planets and the stories of gods and goddesses through myth
  • Inquiry into the New stories and myths of this time
  • 10 Q & A already recorded Video Sessions with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell
  • Lots of videos, and audios from a prior live course
  • New videos that go more deeply into the Moon
  • Bonus Written Materials, including tables for discovering your personal Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon Phase
  • Why we are more than just our Venus, Mars or Mercury signs
  • Some basic information on cosmology as it relates to astrology and the planets
  • The Significance of the Retrogrades for these Inner Planets (The Moon doesn’t retrograde)

More about this Course:

  • Further illumination when paired with the Sacred Marriage and Relationship online course (or an in-person course) uniting the relationship content with the regular patterning of the inner planets as they dance across the sky. Meaning if you have taken the Sacred Marriage and Relationship online course (or in-person), this course will complete your understanding of Mars and Venus adding additional knowledge about the Lunar Nodes and Mercury.
  • Counts toward certification as outlined on the certification page and is essential for growing beyond the Shamanic Astrology Associate Program.
  • Counts toward any level of certification with the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School
  • Does not replace Live night sky courses. However, it assists you in connecting with basic knowledge of the night sky

Thank you Cayelin and Daniel – this course was so very helpful…..and enjoyable 🙂 ~ Jane

How to Register:

Choose your option, (if you are a member of the school choose based on your level of membership) then use the Register Now button – once payment is complete you will be redirected to the sign up form where you can set up your user profile with access to all the course materials.

The pricing below was set on July 5, 2020

Synodic Cycles Online Course Options

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Thank you so much for this wonderful class. It has been so rich and insightful. ~ Jane Banks

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