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What Cycle is Associated with a Snake Shedding its Skin and Why?
What Strategy would you recommend for Navigating the Saturn Cycle?
How long does a Saturn Cycle last?
What Cycle is Associated with the Imagery of "Shifting of an Assemblage Point" through Events of Great Novelty?  And what Strategy would you recommend to Navigate its unpredictable waters?
How Many Pluto Returns can a person have in their Lifetime?
When a person is in a Pluto cycle what clues can you get from the chart about the area of surrender the cycle is intended to produce?
When does a Chiron Return take place in a person life?
Describe the outer planet initiation cycles as they relate to the birth process?
What cycle is associated with the imagery of identity crisis and confusion?
What strategy do you recommend to your client when they are navigating Jupiter Return Cycle?  Is this cycle is associated with renewal of vision?
What is the qualitative difference between a Pluto cycle and Saturn Cycle?
What are the three versions or ways (based on Timing) the Saturn and Jupiter Returns that take place at age 58-60?
How do you counsel a client about their version of the Saturn and Jupiter Return process at age 58-60?
From this list, which Cycle is NOT a 1st Tier Cycle?
What are the Flash Points on the Timeline and why are they important?  Name 4 Flashpoints here.
At What Age do We Experience are First Nodal Return?
Why do we only look at Returns, Squares, Oppositions and Conjunctions as Important (Dynamic) Cycles versus the Trines, Sextiles and Inconjuncts?  What is the reasoning behind that?
Which of the Planets to we look at for Secondary Progressions in Shamanic Astrology?
How would you Counsel a person who has both Saturn and Neptune cycles taking place?
Which Cycle is a person most prone to experience physical Death?

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