Online Course Packages

Online Course Packages

SAVE BIG with multiple online course packages. There are multiple options including payment plans (coming soon!) for these packages.

NOTE: We are working on creating the automated payment plans for each of the packages. In the meantime, if you want to inquire about payment plan options, please contact our Online Course Administrator by e-mail at

We now have 5 online courses and you can get all 5 for an extra special deal!  See options below..

Package 1: Map of Life/Script & Archetypes AND the Shamanic Timeline 
These two courses give you everything you need to understanding the basics of Shamanic Astrology including the archetypes of signs and planets and how to read them in an astrology chart!

Online Course Package Prices

Package 2: Map of Life/Script & Archetypes, Shamanic Timeline and Sacred Marriage Online Courses
These 3 online courses are necessary to become a Shamanic Astrology Consultant, or what we refer to as the foundational level of certification in order to do useful readings and integrate chart readings into an existing practice.

Triple Online Course Package Pricing

Package 3: Map of Life/Script & Archetypes, Shamanic Timeline, Sacred Marriage and Synodic Cycles (Living Wisdom) Online Courses
This adds another layer of understanding through The Synodic Cycles (or Living Wisdom of the Inner Planets) completing your understanding of Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Lunar Nodes, including the Synodic Cycle of the Moon as seen through the lens of Shamanic Astrology. This is content not taught in other systems of astrology.

Quadruple Online Course Package Pricing

Package 4: Map of Life/Script & Archetypes, Shamanic Timeline, Sacred Marriage and Synodic Cycles (Living Wisdom) and Cosmology-Night Sky Online Courses
This is our most cost effective option featuring all 5 online courses that our school has to offer. Taking all 5 of these courses is not only great for your own understanding and practice it fulfills many of the requirements to graduate as a fully initiated and certified Shamanic Astrologer.

Quintiple Online Course Package Pricing

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