Welcome to your Script & Archetypes Exam



1) Briefly describe each of the archetypes of the signs including what season they represent with a one or two sentence summary of each archetype?
2) What are the 4 Elements of the Script of Shamanic Astrology (on a Natal Chart)?
3) How are the 144 Storylines Created?
4) What is the Lineage?
5) What is the Current Life Intent?
6) Describe the Tools and Equipment and why they are important?
7) What is the role of the outer planets in the Script? How do the outer planets fit into a first time reading?
8) Describe how the Moon relates to the other parts of the Script?
9) What does it mean when a person has their Moon in the same sign as their Rising Sign or Venus or Mars position?
10) Describe what Venus means on a person’s chart and how it differs for men and women?
11) Describe what Mars means on a person’s chart and how it differs for men and women?
12) What happens for a woman when the Sun and Venus are the same sign or different? What happens for a man when Mars and the Sun are in the same sign as opposed or different? And how often are they in the same sign for each?
13) What role does Jupiter play on the chart?
14) What role do planets play when they are conjunct the Natal South Node? And the Natal North Node?
15) Give a brief description of the interaction between the Moon and the Rising Sign?
16) What roles do the houses play in a chart reading?
17) Give an example of synthesis between Venus or Mars in Gemini and Capricorn Rising? (could be any combination) Add in Scorpio Moon…what are the challenges and what are some ways to get these energies to work with each other?
18) Describe the flow of a natal chart reading? Begin with  followed by moving onto to describe ?
19) At what point do you cover the relationship material?

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