Script & Archetypes: Registration Details for the Online Course

Script & Archetypes: Details and Registration for the Online Course with Daniel and Cayelin

Be sure to note the special savings of up to $200 for those who sign up for both the Script and Archetypes and Shamanic Timeline courses together. Be sure to contact our managing director Erik Roth at to get the special savings for taking both this course and the Shamanic Timeline course.

Course Details:

This course includes video classes, audios, PDF handouts and reading material, covering 16 lessons divided into 4 practicums and 17 recorded Q and A sessions.

Although this class is now available as videos and audios, Erik is available to assist with any technical issues that come up around logging into the course content, access to the videos and other materials along with any questions about the course itself.

Thank you Daniel and Cayelin for this most incredible introduction to Shamanic Astrology. I love it. Although I am a beginner and can only do the natal/basic chart work it has opened my awareness. I am so much more accepting and able to let go of judgments.  I have been practicing on my friends and they universally make the same comment related to accepting themselves and the way they are. How beautiful. Judith

Overview of what you will learn in this Course

This is the beginning of the beginning Shamanic Astrology Class giving you everything you need to read not only your own natal chart but others too! Many who have taken this course have found it to be life changing.

You will learn the foundational core material of Shamanic Astrology, its archetypes/signs, how it is organized, the astrology chart itself and also how to do a basic Shamanic Astrology natal chart reading. Daniel and Cayelin, have more than 70 years of combined astrology experience giving readings and teaching Shamanic Astrology at workshops, retreats, teleclasses and other venues.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to you, Cayelin,  Daniel, and Erik for all of the knowledge and wisdom that you have imparted. The videos, audios, and slide presentations were all fantastic. And I am also grateful for my fellow participants’ insights and questions. I learned so much from them. My high expectations prior to the beginning of the course have been greatly exceeded! Robyn

IMG_2563You do NOT need any previous experience in astrology as all the basic chart reading skills are also taught in this class including:

  • An introduction to Shamanic Astrology
  • What is a Horoscope or Natal Chart?
  • The 4 Elements and 3 Modalities from the Shamanic Astrology Perspective deepening understanding of the 12 signs as they relate to this Paradigm
  • Understanding Houses and Aspects between Planets
  • Understanding the Natal Chart as A Map of the Sky and How to Draw your own Chart
  • A brief look at reading an ‘Ephemeris’ (tracking where the planets are on any given day)
  • Understanding the three part “Script” in Shamanic Astrology as it relates to the roles of the planets, angles, etc. providing you with a clear and concise way to approach reading a natal chart
  • A multi-phase, deep look at the 12 signs/archetypes/Mystery Schools and how to apply that to a chart reading
  • How to read a chart for yourself and others including how to prioritize doing a reading
  • A Synthesis or putting it all together including additional categories of understanding for each of the Mystery Schools

Additional Details Include:

  • Dozens of hours of videos and audios from recent live Script & Archetypes Courses and beyond
  • Recordings of the 17 pre-recorded Q and A videos with Daniel, Cayelin and Erik
  • If requested: an e-book copy of the 2014 Shamanic Astrology Handbook with Chiron
  • Links to all the handouts including a summary of the Script & Archetypes material
  • Homework and practices to deepen what you are learning
  • Plus, credit toward certification as a Shamanic Astrologer or Shamanic Astrology Associate

I did a reading for someone I highly respect the other day and she was bowled over by what came out despite whatever I may have missed, so very encouraging!! Also thank you very much for the extremely useful material in “Categories of the Archetypes” in the bonus audio. It gave great structure and shape to the material. I intend to go over the whole course again to absorb it all thoroughly. Thank you all once again for a really great course: your knowledge is so rich and amazing, and you all share it so generously! Jennifer

This course counts toward certification as outlined on the certification page and is essential for the Shamanic Astrology Associate Program.

Thank you again for this powerful content. I’m learning a lot and I’m integrating the whole house system into my readings especially when I’m looking at life purpose and using the language of the Mystery School and jobs. I have deepened in my understanding and I know I will continue to hone in on this new language that describes pretty much exactly what my clients tend to want to know in a concise but nailed it method. And as you said in the beginning that those that are already Astrologers or trained in different systems sometimes have a more difficult time in making the change. It really is quite amazing.  Lyn

How to Register:

Choose your option (depending on if you are a member of the school) and use the Register Now button below to pay for the class – once your payment is complete you will be redirected to the sign up form and you will be able to set up your user profile and immediately access the course materials.

Members of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School receive additional Tuition discounts for online courses. If you are not a Member of the school, find out more and how to join here.

If you sign-up for the Script and Archetypes class and the Timeline Class together contact Erik for a special package rate with up to a $200 savings on both courses together.

Script & Archetypes Online Course


Take Both the Script & Archetypes Online Course and the Shamanic Timeline online Course together here (You must be a member of SAMS to take advantage of this special offer):

Online Course Package Prices

Members of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School receive additional Tuition discounts for online courses. If you are not a Member of the school, find out more and how to join here.

This class has been so awesome, so much to take in. I’m so grateful to have been a part of it. Nancy

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